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The Prison Trilogy By Glen Aaron Interview & #Giveaway

Glen writes both fiction and nonfiction from his forty-year career and experience as a trial lawyer and consultant in international business and banking.

His nonfiction work as the observer in The Prison Trilogy tells the tales in chronological order of how he came to be a lawyer for a Wall Street Journal heiress and her gay husband and how that representation landed him in federal prison. That is the first in The Trilogy. The second book tells the story of his cell mate, Colonel George Trofimoff, serving life for spying for the KGB, and the final book of The Trilogy describes the prisoners, Glen's experiences and takes a hard look at the American criminal justice system.

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Interview With Author, Glen Aaron

Welcome! Ready to ride?

GR: Tell us about your latest release...

The Prison Trilogy begins with Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of people, greed, envy, manipulation – – even crime.
This is the first book in The Prison Trilogy, which tells the story of my representation as a lawyer of a Wall Street Journal heiress who married her gay interior decorator, who was also in bankruptcy. After designing a blind trust in order for the heiress to pour $40 million worth of cash and assets into it for the benefit of her new husband, I ended up with a two-year federal prison sentence. This is that entire fascinating story.

The second book in The Prison Trilogy is Observer: The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, the highest- ranking American military officer convicted of spying. This man was my cellmate, and I discovered that the FBI abused him in a sting and his trial was a sham. My source was the entire trial record from the federal court. Injustice often ranks high in our court systems at each level: prosecution, defense counsel, and judge. This expose will open your eyes.

The third book in The Prison Trilogy is Observer: The Prison People; The Prison Experience. In prison, I met some fascinating people. Some dangerous, some funny, and some sad. This third book describes them, and the experience.

GR: What inspired you to start your writing journey?

I had a 40-year career as a lawyer and international business and banking
consultant. I had written a lot of legalese but never anything else. When I spent
over a year and a cell with Colonel George Trofimoff, I decided, "now here is a
real story. I wonder if I could write it," so I tried. Before I was through, I had
written The Prison Trilogy.

GR: Who have been some authors that have inspired you along the way?

I have always been amazed how John Grisham can take a complicated injustice and tell it in a simple and intriguing plot. That is quite a talent. I have also been inspired throughout my life by the classics, such as Dostoyevsky.
GR: What is one piece of marketing advice you can give to new authors?

Belong to APSS for a broad resource, but analyze critically how a given service purchase is going to get you to your end goal of selling books. You can quickly spend yourself into poverty, if you are not careful.

GR: If we went on the ride of our life, where is one place you'd like to be sure to stop along the way?

           I would like to stop by New Orleans and hang out with my biker buddies in the
French quarter.

GR: Would you be afraid to ride on the back of my bike?

           I would prefer to be the operator.

GR: What can we expect from you in the future? Any new projects?

I am researching a potential book, The Race To Destruction, on which will destroy the earth first: nuclear proliferation or eco-annihilation.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today. I wish you the best of success and to always leave your hair blowing in the wind!

Book genre: Biography of Wall Street Journal heiress; nonfiction intrigue and crime

Publisher: Glen Aaron using Create Space

Release date: April 1

Buy link:

Book description: 

When Jackie Bancroft's husband died in 1952, he left her an heiress to the income and value of The Wall Street Journal and one of the wealthier women in America. Almost 50 years later, Jackie would mary Ronnie Lee Morgan, a 50 – year old gay interior decorator. Morgan was one of many clients in the active law practice of author Glen Aaron. This unusual marriage lasted until Jackie's mysterious death five years later. Throughout that period, Aaron became entwined in the personal lives and demands of the couple, along with handling many of their legal affairs. The huge money and property distributions made by Jackie to her husband, designed and handled by Aaron, resulted in a two – year federal prison sentence for Aaron. The first book in the Prison Trilogy is this story.

Excerpt One:

Ron Morgan always knew what he wanted – – to be rich and beautiful, to live in the places you see in Architectural Digest.
He knew certain things about the rich: that they were different, that they liked beautiful things, power, and influence, that, if they saw that another had something more beautiful or impressive, they had to have it, too. He also knew that every rich person would take advantage of him if given the chance. So he devised ways to reverse this probability. While making it appear that they were getting a good deal, a special deal, he always made money.
Ron had developed his expertise in interior decorating over the course of many years. It took him even longer to perfect the personality that attracted and pleased wealthy clients. His involvement as an interior decorator for the wealthy, his intuitive knowledge of how to deal with them, was an evolution of fits and starts.
Although it didn't hurt that Ron was gay, in his early life he had had difficulty figuring that out. He tried a heterosexual marriage. It didn't work.
Then, in his 50th year, in the New Mexico mountain village of Ruidoso, Ron met Jackie Bancroft Spencer ("Jackie"), a wealthy Wall Street Journal heiress possessed of a unique personality. Jackie was building a stunning theater for the performing arts in Ruidoso, for which she would pay $23 million cash. At the same time, she was caring for her terminally – ill second husband, Dr. A.N ("A. N.") Spencer. Ron Morgan came to know Jackie by creating interior decor for her home, making suggestions regarding the theater, and in assisting with A. N.'s care during his final illness.
I was Ron Morgan's lawyer for many years. On numerous occasions, I defended lawsuits and negotiated a way out of touchy problems. Ultimately, I placed Ron in bankruptcy protection in El Paso, Texas. Not long after, he introduced me to Jackie. Through numerous golf games and dinners, I became fascinated with this lady, her history and that of the Bancroft's and their ownership of The Wall Street Journal.
Two years later, Ron, a 52 – year old gay man, and Jackie, a 72 – year old heterosexual heiress, decided to marry. At the time she met Ron, Jackie, was married to Dr. A.N. Spencer; it was her second marriage. She wanted to travel the world after AN's death, and she wanted Ron to travel with her. For his part, Ron had his own designs on what this should cost Jackie. Whether pressing for marriage was a manifestation of Ron's ulterior financial desires, or whether it was at Jackie's urging is unknown. What is known is that Jackie accepted, indeed, relished, the arrangement.
While the relationship was filled with intrigue, greed and Machiavellian manipulation from within and without, the ultimate mystery for me was the nature of Jackie's illness – – the illness that led to her death – – while she and Ron were on a world cruise. It was my task to get her off the ship in the middle of the Atlantic and arrange for medical care in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That would be my last service on her behalf.
I have always been an observer of people: what motivates them to do what they do, how they view their quality of life, why and how this plays out in relationships. This book has a dual purpose: to share my observations of Jackie and Ron's unusual relationship, and to share my experiences as Jackie's some time – confidante and as Ron's lawyer until Jackie's death. Ultimately, these experiences with my last client would change my life.


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