Ghost Rider Facebook Parties

Do you have a new release or book promotion you’d love to celebrate?

Facebook parties are a great way to gather the crowd and celebrate your book.

Great For – New Releases, Special Events, Holiday Book Sales, Kindle Free Days, & More!

We’ll Take Your Book For A Ride!

2 Hour Facebook Party

-Includes Custom Banner
-Promotional Banner
-Game Planning Appropriate For Your Book
-Party Promotion & Social Media Blasts
-Party Moderation

Add Live Streaming Music & Virtual Cocktails (Full Menu)
1 Free Jack & Coke on the House!

Debut Novel Release Launch Party

-1-2 Live Radio Interviews
- 2 Guest Appearances on Blogs
- 10 Book Purchases ($.99 – $2.99)
- 10 Book Reviews Promoted to Blog & Amazon
- 2 Hour Facebook Party
- Custom Banner Ad
- Includes Live Streaming Music & Virtual Cocktails

Bonus – One Month Social Media Blast (Creative Tweets & FB Status Updates to over 100,000 Viewers)

If you’d like a party more than 2 hours, please let us know and we can negotiate a price.
Contact us today for details -

Social Media Management

-1 Month of Management of your Facebook & Twitter Accounts
-Includes Facebook Fan Page Creation and Setup
-About Me’s
-Creative Daily Tweets & Status Updates To Your Fans/Followers

Customized Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Campaign customized around your needs and wants as an author.
Action Steps may include:
-A Marketing Plan
-Social Media Management
-PPC Ads
-Book Reviews
and more…
Customization depends on what you, the author, are looking to accomplish, whether it’s more book sales, more reviews, or to have more readers know your name, we will offer our suggestions and design the perfect plan for you.
Contact us for a Quote

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