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Sunday Soul Read Find : Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Parent by Rebecca Moore


I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 33 years old. Although I lived my entire life with mood swings, it was not until then that the doctors' got it right. Before then I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, which made sense because I only sought help when I was depressed. Since my diagnosis, I made it my mission to reach out to others' who are coping with bipolar and depression. I have ran my own blog for over 3 years, wrote "Moorestorms A Guide for the Bipolar Parent" and am doing advocacy work within my own community. I also am on the Consumer Advisory Council for the International Bipolar Foundation and run my own bipolar support group. I am also married to my high school sweetheart and we have 7 children together.

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Rebecca is a Bipolar Mom herself. She has seven wonderful children and has been married to her husband for 14 years. She is from Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she still lives with her husband and children. Rebecca was diagnosed in 2011 with Bipolar 1 Disorder. Her hope is to reach out to other parents and encourage them. She wants them to see that Bipolar Disorder does not have to stand in their way of being an awesome parent!

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Parent January 23, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Parent is a well-written. It provides a no-nonsense understanding of the roots of Bipolar, this easy-to-read narrative exhibits the ups and downs of diagnosis, discusses treatment options, and offers valuable coping strategies.
It is written by a writer who I truly admire, her way with words as much as her generous drive to help others. I highly recommended reading this book. It’s for anyone who has a loved one in their life grappling with bipolar disorder. This is a must read for any parent who deals with bipolar disorder is any way, whether it’s for you or for someone you love. Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Parent will likely sound like a familiar tale!

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I believe everyone who has someone in their life with these symptoms should read this book. Rebecca has shared a wealth of information including interactions with people uneducated about this disorder, what one may expect now and in the future, legal issues and much more. She has also candidly displayed her life for all to see, which I find to be very brave.

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Ms. Moore's moving book "Moorestorms: A Guide For The Bipolar Parent" was a fast, moving read filled with tons of helpful information. Reading "Moorestorms" was like sitting down with a good friend to learn about what it's like to live with this illness, and how to live a better life in spite of its damage. As Moore is the parent of seven children, she has learned an enormous deal about how to be the best parent she can be. I wish I had this book a long time ago when my two kids were young, as it would have made me feel less alone with my struggles and it would have given me practical pointers as well. The author bares her soul throughout the book. She never condescends to the reader like some "bipolar experts" do in their tomes. I highly recommend it

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Deceptive Desires by Dawn White Sunday Soul Reads Find

Book Description

 February 12, 2014
Agent Rebecca Quinn is sent to Savannah to stop some human traffickers in a local biker gang.
Gavin is the president of a local outlaw biker gang. Will Gavin give in and fall for Rebecca’s wiles? Or will Rebecca’s secret come back to haunt her before she truly falls for Gavin? ** 18+ AUDIENCES ONLY **


Dawn White resides in Southern WV with her husband and three daughters. She has always been an avid reader and seems to live a busy life as a wife and mother. One thing that keeps Dawn sane is her writing. She will always strive to give you the best of her busy mind.

Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hot Fast Read February 14, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
this book was a quick read, but not fast enough that I didn't enjoy every moment between Rebecca and Gavin!

This book leaves you wondering what is going to happen next right up to the end!!

Now, the main question: when is book 2 coming out??

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Song Reveal for School Nightz by Michelle Cornwell - Jordan

a aweosm brianna shoot 11

SCHOOL NIGHTZ ©MichelleCornwellJordan
Written by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
3CM Media
Set to release March 18th
Upcoming single
Official song of School Nightz
(Inspired by the second novella in the series Kindred)
Set to release March 2014


Much gratitude!
The cover was created by the amazing (Amy Rooney-CVWriterDesigns)
Photography by the fantabulous (Tiffany McDonald- Anecdote Photography)
Big Hug and Much Gratitude to the very awesome duo
Brianna Jordan
& Adam Becerra


A New Generation Slayer

A Official School Nightz Cover February 2014 Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

School Nightz compilation blurb: Night School Vampire Hunter (Novella#1)

Fifteen year old Dasheen Bellamy’s world is turned upside down, when she is accused of killing her father and godmother. Dasheen cannot remember the events of the night her world is destroyed, but she feels inside that she is innocent; due to lack of evidence against her and with no other family; Dasheen and her younger brother Jordan, are sent to the elusive and mysterious Ame’ Academy ; a residential school where all is not what it appears. There all goes well, until Jordan, begins to become distant and behave strangely as if he is afraid of something or someone. Jordan is transferred to Ame’ Academy’s Night School track, which is usually only open to special cases. In order to discover what is happening with her brother, Dasheen is finally allowed to also transfer, attending classes in the evening while the rest of the world sleeps. Soon Dasheen’s world changes again as she discovers that things out of fairytales and horror stories exist, that she has ancient powers and is the major player in a mystical prophecy; and then she falls in love with a boy, whose mission is to see that she is destroyed before her destiny is fulfilled…

Kindred (Night School Vampire Hunter-Novella#2)

The Kindred is the second novella in The Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy.

Angel and her friends at Ame Academy, a boarding school for preternatural and humans are back, and they are preparing for battle against the dark forces that kidnapped Angel’s younger brother Jordan. Angel had recently discovered that she was a Hunter and that she alone has a special weapon against her enemies, her blood, which is discovered to be toxic to her enemies. Angel is prepared to use her training and all that is at her disposal in order to save Jordan, even if that means joining forces with the strange and mysterious Rafael, who at their first meeting, she recognized him as the boy she had dreamed about for weeks prior to his arrival at the school. Angel cannot shake the feeling that she knew Rafael before, and is hopelessly drawn to her extremely handsome fellow hunter. Rafael frightens her, he hints of a secret; another time and another life lived. Can love survive two lifetimes? Events unfold that provides the answers to who Rafael really is and what they mean to one another; and along with these strange and blossoming emotions for Rafael, along with guilt and fear for her brothers safety; Angel discovers that she is more than just a Vampire Hunter, and that she plays a major role in a ancient prophecy, which she must fulfill by facing a force so evil that survival is not promised. But she will face the Dark One, Angel will sacrifice all, if it means saving all whom she loves. Many questions are answered, but the drama is just beginning…

Redemption (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) Novella#3

Coming Soon!
Set to release March 18th


M-Jordan-headshot2-300x257 ME  About The Author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a Young Adult/ New Adult author. Her titles include the Teen Paranormal novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy, (Print compilation School Nightz set to release March 18th). Full length novel, Teen Fantasy/Dystopian Chrysalis, (New Adult Novelette) Gothic Romance Tourmentin and a contribution to the HerStory Anthology (Pagans Writers Press) She is also the producer/host of the online radio segment, IndieReview Behind the Scenes, where she and her co-host Author Jamie White interview Indie authors and musicians. Michelle has been married for seventeen years and has a fifteen-year-old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures. Author Links: Purchase titles by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan: Find out more about her on her website! Follow her on twitter at @mcjordan37 Fan her on FaceBook at IndieWritersreview YA blog


Official Night Schoolz SONG
Much gratitude & Heartfelt thanks to artist
Cecile Monique!

a awesome cecile

Contact Cecile Monique Website

BIO Cecile Monique is a Canadian vocalist/songwriter/composer of original Gothic Rock & Symphonic Metal music.

With her powerful, yet angelic voice and unmistakable charisma, Cecile Monique is a multi-talented musical artist ready to make her mark on the international music scene. Cecile Monique is not only an accomplished vocalist; she is also a skilled writer, composer, and arranger of her own original music. Her years of formal classical vocal training provided the foundation, but her singular creativity, diverse musical influences, and her fresh, youthful style have provided the fuel to create the distinctive fusion of rich, classically-influenced vocals with modern, innovative instrumentation that exist together in perfect harmony and have become Cecile Monique’s signature, genre-bending sound. In addition to her impressive musical talent, Cecile’s cosmopolitan personality and multicultural roots (half European and half Hispanic) also broaden her appeal to an international audience; Cecile is fluent in several languages and has recorded and performed songs in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, and Latin. In 2010, Cecile Monique was awarded the prestigious FACTOR New Talent Award in support of her self-titled EP release featuring three of her original compositions, which was recorded at Metalworks Studios, Canada’s #1 recording studio. With the launch of her new EP now available on iTunes worldwide, and a myriad of new projects on the horizon, Cecile Monique is a rising star poised to become an international phenomenon.  
Teaser trailer of KINDRED ©2014 Cecile Monique
  (March 2014)

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King of Rags by Eric Bronson

Title: King of Rags
Author Name: Eric Bronson

Author Bio: Eric Bronson teaches philosophy in the Humanities Department at York University in Toronto. He is the editor of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), Poker and Philosophy (Open Court, 2006), Baseball and Philosophy (Open Court, 2004), and co-editor of The Hobbit and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), and The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy (Open Court, 2003). In 2007 he served as the "Soul Trainer" for the CBC radio morning show, "Sounds Like Canada." His current project is a book called The Dice Shooters, based loosely on his experiences dealing craps in Las Vegas.

Author Links - The link for any or all of the following...

Book Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Neverland Publishing
Release Date: May, 2013
Buy Link(s): Amazon

Book Description:

King of Rags follows the life of Scott Joplin and his fellow ragtime musicians as they frantically transform the seedy and segregated underbelly of comedians, conmen and prostitutes who called America’s most vibrant cities home. Inspired by Booker T. Washington and the Dahomeyan defeat in West Africa, Joplin was ignored by the masses for writing the music of Civil Rights fifty years before America was ready to listen.

Excerpt One:

Whenever he had a difficult decision to make, Scott set himself up on the small hill with high grass and wildflowers. In the starlight he was especially careful not to disturb the patient, purple flowers. A traveling white schoolteacher once read to his class the story of the heliotrope from Ovid’s
Metamorphoses. Derided by the world and scorned by her lover the Sun God, a poor nymph keeps her eyes ever fixed to the sun. Streaked with purple, she is covered in leaves and flowers, roots that claw their way around her helplessness, forever binding her to the earth.

“‘An excess of passion begets an excess of grief,’” the schoolteacher quoted. “Don’t reach so high. You’ll be much happier if you lower your sights.”

But there was something about the nymph’s undying faith that touched him inside. She refused to be stuck here in this world, and that refusal brought hope along with the pain. Scott thought he understood the nymph’s eternal conflict. His music wouldn’t right the wrong, but it might help ease the loss. Long after the sun abandoned her, Scott sat among the heliotrope and played for her his coronet.

The hill had a further advantage: it overlooked the new train station. He was there one December day, ten years earlier, when the first Texas & Pacific railway pulled in from Dallas, on its way to Fulton, Arkansas. Since then his father had taught him to play the violin, banjo and coronet, but none of them could take him beyond his colorless world. Maybe the trains couldn’t either, but the tracks held that promise, going outwards, ever away. His mother believed the coronet was
the Devil’s instrument. Scott disagreed. Any instrument that brought relief to others was useful. It shouldn’t much matter who was dancing at the other end.

Under the wavering light of a half-moon, Scott played with all the sounds of the night: the high-pitched melody of cicada bugs over the running bass line of lumber cars and freight trains, garbage crates and short hauls sounding their syncopated iron rhythms: boom-chugga boom-boom: boomchugga boom-boom. The music of the night trains was the sound of waiting—waiting and waning and wasting away. The greatest secrets in life, Scott knew, lay not in the music or the

people who played it, but in the short, silent spaces that sometimes fell unexpectedly off the beat. The Stop Man taught him that without hardly even saying a word.

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Let's Ride: Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling Sunday Soul Reads Find

Book Description

 May 21, 2010

“The baddest man on two wheels.”
Rolling Stone 
One of the founders and the most famous member of the infamous Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, Ralph “Sonny” Barger says, “Let’s Ride” with this ultimate guide to motorcycling. With expert co-author Darwin Holmstrom—former writer for Motorcyclist magazine and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motorcycles—Barger, “The archangel of all Hells Angels” (New York Post) is ready to take you on the ride of your life with this exhilarating and practical nuts-and-bolts master class in the fine art of freedom. So climb on, start it up, and…Let’s Ride!

Editorial Reviews


“Proffers some of the best advice around … [has] insight into all aspects of motorcycling ... Provides a solid, practical foundation for anyone. But it also has bits of advice that could aid the seasoned rider as well. It’s written in easy-to-understand prose, with Barger’s wit woven in.” (Motorcycle USA )

Let’s Ride is the new authoritative guide to motorcycling and rider safety from Sonny Barger, the famous ‘leader of the pack.’” ( )

“An incredibly valuable piece of literature that every motorcyclist should read twice! . . . Sonny has an unparalleled passion for motorcycling and a vast knowledge base that makes him the perfect author for this book.” ( )

Let’s Ride is an interesting book suitable for any motorcyclist, primarily because the author provides a broad spectrum of information. Informative, instructive, and entertaining-- there is something for everyone.” ( )

“Offers up a lifetime of bike-riding wisdom you just can’t argue with” (Biker Chick News )

“Barger [is] an American classic, an individualist who lived by a code” (San Francisco Chronicle )

“Barger’s the hombre who gave you motorcycle culture. . . . The biker style Barger originated remains timeless.” (Chicago Tribune )

“Sonny Barger spreads the gospel of two wheels in Let’s Ride. He is the rare rider who could write such a book with authority. (Los Angeles Times )

“When Sonny Barger enters a bar, men twice his weight back away. Women stare.” (Los Angeles Times )

“The baddest man on two wheels” (Rolling Stone )

“Sonny Barger truly is an American Legend.” ( )

“Packed with the stories and advice it would take years to hear and learn on the road and should be considered a must for any rider, regardless of their experience.” (Clutch and Chrome )

From the Back Cover

The Ultimate Motorcycle Guide By the Author Of The New York Times Bestselling Memoir Hell's Angel
Let's Ride is a nuts-and-bolts guide to mastering the art of motorcycling. From choosing the right bike to sharpening riding techniques, Sonny Barger mines his lifetime of experience to provide advice and wisdom that will help fellow riders—new and veteran alike—survive the dangers of motorcycling.
Let's Ride is the only book of its kind: an essential resource covering every aspect of motorcycle riding and ownership. Chapters include:
  • Why Ride?
  • Dissecting the Beast: the Anatomy of a Motorcycle
  • Types of Bikes
  • Fundamentals of Riding
  • Evaluating a Used Motorcycle
  • Buying a Bike
  • Advanced Riding Techniques
  • Living with a Motorcycle
Learn how to ride—the right way—from an American legend.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Advice, Great Experience, Great Read July 13, 2010
This is a tremendous volume of Sonny Barger's experience of motorcycles and motorcycling and the BEST read of any rider training book I've seen. I've read Hough, Hahn, MSF, Parks and many other professional riders' and journalists' rider instruction books and while all are helpful none compare with Barger's narrative style and readability.

Let's Ride is like a pleasant afternoon conversation with a wise rider who has clocked more than 1,000,000 miles in safety; it's an honest account of riding, straight forward, doesn't preach, fun and gets the job done.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ride On June 22, 2010
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
. This publication is not about history. This publication is not about philosophy. This publication 'is' about all of the above. This book is a Guide for Riding Motorcycles.
Remember the saying"...Ride hard,Die young,and leave a good looking corpse"? With 'Lets Ride',Sonny gives us a better plan:"Ride Smart, Live Long,and Die from Old Age." Coming from a man that has seen, and experienced just about everything, how can we not take heed.
To quote Sonny," This book will cover the things you need to do to learn to ride a motorcycle, tell you how to buy the right motorcycle, teach you how to be comfortable and safe, and give you advice on what to do once you start riding."(page 17) Sonny begins by "dissecting the beast"( chapter 1). He covers everything from the crankcase to windshields; fuel systems to riding positions. He talks about buying the right motorcycle for you. He stresses the need for proper training. But most of all, He teaches us how to ride safe. He teaches us how to ride for life.
This publication is not a novel. This publication is "Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling" A must read for anybody thinking about becoming a motorcycle enthusiast:a reminder for old school.
Live long, Ride Safe
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Experienced rider loved this book June 13, 2010
I wasn't sure if I was going to buy this book because I've been riding so long I figured I pretty much knew everything there was to know about being a motorcyclist. Then I paged through a copy and decided that if I could learn as much as I learned from just reading a few random pages, there must be a lot in this book that I didn't know. I was right. I read the book cover to cover and was blown away. Sure, there was some material aimed at beginners, but even that stuff was informative. A lot of it I knew a little about, but this book really helped me understand it. The buying guide alone was worth the cost of admission. I learned a lot, but what surprised me was how much fun it was to read. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised; I've read all of Mr. Barger's other books, and I've enjoyed them all. Say what you will about the Hells Angels, but Sonny Barger has done a tremendous service for the motorcycle community by writing this book. I predict that he'll save more than a few lives by having done so. Excellent work, Mr. Barger.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First time or Experienced Rider, a MUST have. October 5, 2010
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Either you are thinking about getting on a bike or you have been riding for years, this is the book that you should be reading cover to cover. Sonny goes over the basics of learning and the basics of buying a new or used bike. He also goes over every little detail you will need to know about your future or current bike. There is no sales pitch on what kind to have, its a basic all round reference for what bike is right for you. Its a the right book to have next to your owner's manual.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good book, only a couple of mistakes :) January 18, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Overall, I think everyone that reads this will not only get a better idea of how to choose, how to buy, and how to ride a bike, but will also really enjoy the process. There are a couple mistakes, however, that I'd like to point out; neither are serious, but both are worth noting.

Sonny states that even the largest motorcycles are more efficient than even the most efficient hybrid cars. This just isn't true. My Toyota Prius gets about 48 to 52 MPG (depending on tire pressure and A/C usage) since I bought it in 2006, and you can easily go out and get a Honda Insight (older ones, not the compromised new models) that get 60 to 70 mpg. While there are a few bikes out there that can get 70 to 80 mpg, very few do, and actually very few are rated at 50. Still, the point he makes is that a bike is a lot more efficient that cars, but inaccurate hyperbole doesn't help his argument.

Second, when describing front forks, his geometry regarding "USD" and "standard" forks is backwards. "Normal" forks have the larger, outer cylinder at the bottom, and the pistons are on the top, attached to the triple clamp. "UpSide down" forks have the cylinder on the top - this allows for less "unsprung weight" (the sum of the weight of the wheel, tire, brakes, and all other parts that move up & down below the suspension). Less unsprung weight allows for more responsive handling (all other things being equal). However, having the cylinder on the top means that leaky seals can cause the oil in the cylinders to leak out and drain totally, where "normal" layouts will lose oil over time with leaky seals, but much, much slower. Look at any new sport bike versus an older Cruiser, and you'll see exactly these to layouts (sport = USD).

Anyway, just thought I'd point those out. Buy the book and enjoy it, and ride more.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Read November 11, 2010
By LeeOtis
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is written for all riders. I've ridden for 40+ years and found this book helpful. Sonny is an excellent author and his writing style is easy to follow. This book is hard to put down once you start reading. The content covers a lot of details on safety most riders would never consider. There is a lot of useful info on different types of bikes and considerations for buying your first bike, routine maintenance, financial considerations, etc. I would recommend this book for anyone considering buying their first bike, new riders or riders who have ridden most of their life. You can't go wrong reading this book.

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