Burt has always loved letting his hair down to blow in the wind. His love of motorcycles began when he was a child when he had his first encounter of MC members. He remembers being at the beach on vacation with family, when a MC rode up in large numbers. The rumble of the bike along, the way the ground vibrated, and how everyone turned their heads to watch, Burt knew he would one day own his very own.

That dream came true when his father bought him his first dirt bike. Learning them inside and out, driving them through the woods behind his home in Eastern Pennsylvania, he knew how every inch of that bike handled, and each year he got older, his bike upgraded, getting bigger and better.

In addition to a good ride, Burt's always loved a good story. Having more stories to tell from his past and experiences, he has enough he could write his own book. Instead, he married an author. His wife is B.K. Walker, and they live happily on their farm with their 2 boys (step-sons). Helping his wife manage the Virtual Book Tour Café, he still loves farming and riding when it's beautiful and warm outside.

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