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Interview, #Giveaway & #VBTCafeTour - Seaville by Jim Reilly

Welcome! Ready to ride?

GR: Tell us about your latest release...

Seaville, my second novel is about a family who helps an alien race being hosted (literally) by their new neighbors. This mysterious race needs the Wells family to help them navigate the complicated human condition while being concealed from a curious but well-meaning old priest. But most of all, they must help them from being captured by a corrupt individual looking to make a profit off the alien’s existence before they leave earth to continue their journey to stay one step ahead of their former masters.

GR: What inspired you to start your writing journey?

I have always had a wild imagination and for most of my life I thought it was a detriment. But after continuing my education later in life, some of the professors complimented me on my writing, as well as, encouragement from my wife I decided to put that imagination on paper. That combined with my love of science fiction; I set out to write about many of the stories I have bouncing around in my head.

GR: Who have been some authors that have inspired you along the way?

I’ve always enjoyed reading science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury (Martian Chronicles), Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers), Philip Dick (Minority Report and stories that turned into movies, Blade Runner and Total Recall), Arthur C Clarke (2001 space Odyssey) and Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park and Lost World).

Science fiction writers examine political, moral, and social concepts where science fiction is used as a metaphor. It lets us see ourselves from a different point of view and shows the reader the consequences of our actions or inactions.

GR: What is one piece of marketing advice you can give to new authors?

Start early! Whether it’s making your marketing plan or building your Facebook and Twitter followers, it must be done long before your book gets published. Accumulating followers and preparing a tour takes time. Believe me, you want to have a running start once your book’s released. Writing the story is the easy part, getting others interested is a challenge. The people who would love your story are out there, but you’ll need to spend much time, effort, and resources trying to connect them with your story.

GR: If we went on the ride of our life, where is one place you'd like to be sure to stop along the way?

Besides the Vatican, Jerusalem, the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, or Roswell, New Mexico (Sorry, just threw that one in), I would say a ride to the Kennedy Space Center. To walk where astronauts and space vehicles left this planet to explore space would be a thrill for the science fiction writer in me. To step where Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin prepared for the trip to the moon would be wild. It would be even better if we waited a few years until NASA completes its new family of larger rockets that will take more astronauts into space. I can only imagine the rush from viewing one of those rocket leaving earth for the unknown.

GR: Would you be afraid to ride on the back of my bike?

No, I wouldn’t be afraid. However, I would prefer it to be on a long open road. The traffic by me on Long Island can get congested and a little hazardous for bikers. That said, there is nothing like feeling the power of the bike under you and the freedom of experiencing the breath of nature flowing around you as you travel along the roads.

GR: What can we expect from you in the future? Any new projects?

I love to mix the conflict between science and religion, two polar-opposites in philosophy within a story. My next project will show the consequences of an apocalyptic aftermath due to extremes of both science and religion while attempting to show the resilience of people’s resolve to survive and make sacrifices to make things right.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Author Bio:
Jim Reilly is a new science fiction / fantasy novelist. He is a married father of four, born and raised in Long Island. After going back to college and finishing with an MBA, some of his professors gave accolades to his writing prowess. With that and encouragement from his wife, he wrote his first novel, Evolution.
The success of Evolution has inspired Jim to continue his writing efforts and finish his next science fiction / fantasy novel, Seaville.
From an early age, Jim always had a fascination with science, science fiction, and fantasy to a point that it became a passion of his. Now he enjoys putting that passion to paper. He has already penned his next book and is working on another.

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Book Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Publisher: Sayville Books
Release Date: September 30th
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Book Description:

When new neighbors, Mike and Ann Wells along with their children CJ and Patricia, move into the southern part of town along the Great South Bay of Long Island, they discover the true identity of their neighbors. 
Each of their new neighbors hosts a being from an alien race hiding from the cruelty of enslavement. This mysterious race needs the Wells family to help them navigate the complicated human experience while being concealed from a nosy but well-meaning old priest. But most of all, they must help them from being captured by a corrupt individual looking to make a profit off a race hoping to peacefully secure fuel to stay one step ahead of their former masters. 
As the town of Seaville erupts into chaos, Mike and Ann try to keep their new friends concealed and safe. However, time is running out as their former masters search the universe for their lost property and inch closer to Earth.

Chapter 1
Toward the end then back to the beginning.
As I sprinted out of my home heading to my neighbor’s house across the street to look for my daughter, I glanced toward town down the row of beautiful old Victorian homes on my block. On the church roof visible to most of the area, there was a man standing with his arms raised toward the south side of town. As I focused in a little, it looked like old Father McNeal, the priest who of late seemed to be out of touch in his waning years. He was wearing his Sunday Mass vestments and was standing on the highest point of the church. Still, as out of the ordinary as that was, it was the least odd sight I would see that early summer evening as dusk approached.
When I reached my neighbor’s house, I ran around to the back just as town Police Officer Rothman sped through the neighborhood flashing his lights and sounding his siren as he headed in the direction of the Great South Bay. As relieved as I was that he went by without stopping, I was apprehensive and nervous about what was about to happen.
Behind my neighbor’s house were old metal cellar doors, and after I opened them, I quickly went down into his basement where I found a large cabinet moved away from the cement wall showing an entrance to a tunnel burrowed deep into the ground. When I made my way through the passageway to the lower levels, I noticed that the sediment holding the underground water from pouring into the tunnels and cavities under this end of the town started slowly to disintegrate as planned and that meant time was running out.
I ran through the extensive tunnels I had been through many times this past year, barely noticing the smell of rotting seafood that was so prevalent my first time in the tunnels. The maze was quite enormous, but I had an idea where to find my daughter. She was supposedly not too far away beneath Henry’s parent’s house. To get there, I needed to pass by the staging area where the craft was preparing to leave. Just as I reached the ship, I saw my neighbors, Ray Bannister and Earl Watson, run up to close the cargo hatch on the right side of the craft and lock it shut. It was then that we heard the banging and yelling coming from inside the ship.
A voice behind the door was saying, “Ray, we negotiated! I came here in good faith and you lock us in a room? I will not stand for this! You better let me out, or I will crush you! You can’t do this to me! I demand you let me out at once! You’re making a big mistake!”

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