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Music Business: It's A Dirty Game! by Tiwanda Lovelace

Music Business:
It's A Dirty Game!
by Tiwanda Lovelace

About The Author:

Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace was like many other unknown artist who were used and then discarded by the music industry. She has survived countless attacks on her character, and has lived to tell the tale as a true survivor.

Facing many struggles as an outcast, a black woman, a wife, a mother, and as a writer and lyricist, she has written many songs to which she never received credit. She was the co-writer of the song, "What Can I Say to You (to Justify My Love)" for the artist Hi-Fives, for which the only credit was given.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Lovelace attended Wayne County Community College and studied psychology and paralegal studies. She also attended the Community College of Southern Nevada for psychology and paralegal studies. Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Genre: Autobiography

Publisher: Seven West Productions
Release Date: February 21, 2013
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Book Description:

Some say, "Oh, no she didn't"

I say, "Oh, Yes, I did! I have no choice...or would you rather I do as they say and 'Just Die?" I don't think so...It's simple self-defense!

I have published the book that I refer to as - A Game Changer!

This is not just one person’s word against another. This book is not about any one man's actions and definitely not about a lover's quarrel. Love had nothing to do with it. This was definitely a combined effort by many to secretly, deliberately abuse, exploit and violate the rights of a few (myself included). Smash and Grab!

She starts by saying that she didn't wage war on the Music Industry. If her livelihood had not been taking repeatedly by those intending to destroy all evidence of their actions, she probably would not have had the time to complete this book. Even her places of employment were used to inflict harm. She found out later that the last employer has history of direct ties to the music industry. Inside "Music Business: It's a Dirty Game! You will find proof of blatant civil rights violations, mail tampering, and more!

Even if you think you know of her story, I promise you that you don't know half of it. There has been great effort put into hiding the truth. As long as a person can remain isolated, this can continue on as it has for decades.

Praise for It's A Dirty Game!

Readers Reviews
You can’t make this stuff up!” – Anonymous

It is very moving, I almost cried!” – Cassie

Speechless” – Bryan

I heard that the music industry was rough but not like this!” – Anthony


Chapter 1: Curse of the Dragon Lady

Dragon [drag-uh n] noun 1. A mythical monster generally represented as a huge, winged reptile with crested head and enormous claws and teeth, and often spouting fire.
11751225; Middle English < Old French < Latin dracōn- (stem of Draco) < Greek drákōn kind of serpent, probably orig. epithet, the (sharp-) sighted one, akin to dérkesthai to look.
Dragons are commonly known or associated with being an evil fire breathing creature used for harming. Some have been depicted as pleasant cartoons like in ̳Puff the Magic Dragon‘ or as the hero dragon that picked a boy to help save mankind in the movies. Some are thought to live in dark hot caves; usually alone.
I, personally, have always been intrigued by the Dragons, solely due to their ability to take flight and to breathe fire. I have always compared ̳words‘ to ̳fire‘ due to its power. For many centuries, words have been used to change lives. I know you have heard of the reference ̳words moving mountains‘. This is has proven true in our history and even today. Words have inspired and/or destroyed nations. There is also reference to words being referenced to a sword; acknowledging its strength. Our words can uplift our spirits or they can ̳cut like a knife‘. However, words spoken in anger are the ones that torch the very soul like that flame from the mouth of the dragon.
For some, words are all they have to express themselves. For human beings, it is fear, pain, love, and anger that move us. By using our words we yield such great power. We all have the power to affect others but with that being said we must ask ourselves do we use for good or evil. Most don‘t care about their fellow man and how do we even expect them too with everyone so self absorbed with their own pain and anguish.
From my personal experience, I have watched words of love move people to do great things and make many sacrifices for their loved ones.
I have also heard stories of how fear has made the difference between life and death. I know you have all heard about the stories where an individual has displayed inhuman physical strength when faced with life threatening events. Out of all of our emotions, I consider the most motivating force or emotion to be Anger. Yes, it has destroyed countless lives due to quick decisions made out of anger. Each of us has different views and on separate occasions, we may not respond in the same manner but we will at one time or another find ourselves lost in emotions.
There are some instances where you have to have an outlet or a way to ease the pain and anguish. Some methods may work for some. I have heard of instances where someone would write down their concerns and bury their thoughts literally. Some prefer to write down their feelings and then set it afire to rid themselves of their feelings of despair.
I have used each of these methods as a way to cope at one time or another. However; due to the never ending rage that seemed to consume me, this was not providing me with any lasting comfort.
My anger turned to rage with each incident; growing deep within my spirit to my very soul. That kind of rage is damaging because it eats at you until any and all the good is sucked from your body, mind and spirit. Yes, I consider myself a strong person but even this became too much to bear.
I would have never believed that this world was truly this wicked. As I started to change into whatever this is that I have become, I noticed that my reference to fire is the only thing that was even close to what I felt bubbling up inside.
It may sound silly to most but I would mentally visualize pushing that fire from deep within my gut and out toward my limbs. I guess this was my form of meditation or source of relief for my anguish. As this fire would, figuratively, channel through my body, I would pretend to shape this fire into balls and amuse myself as it landed any and everywhere. During this time, it appeared to me that the life I was living was full of immovable obstacles. I could easily be compared to a fire breathing dragon lady and I was on fire.
As an adult, I have never been timid but I could easily be described as aggressive, insensitive and angry. This was the result of compilations of life events. I can‘t tell you when it all began but I can tell you that this has been going on long before I arrived.
Although I have been called many names, such as; WaWa, Mama, Auntie, Grandma and Ty, my given name is Tiwanda Gail Lovelace. My friends and family call me NeNe.
I am one of the many unknown artist that are out there that have been used by the industry and then discarded.
I would like to provide a little background information about me that has lead to my decision to write this book about my personal experience with the music industry.

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