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Anti-Theist by Christopher Mallard

by Christopher Mallard

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The majority of my adult life was spent working in the oilfields of west Texas. In my spare time I taught myself how to work on computers and eventually turned it into a small business which I work from home. What does any of this have to do with religion? Nothing. Where are my degrees in theology, biology, astronomy and philosophy? I don’t have any. I am your common average Joe and that’s exactly the type of reader I’m trying to reach. Does it take a degree in theology to open the bible and see the stories told within as being immoral and violent? Can the common man not see how the religions of the world have done and are still doing immeasurable harm to society?

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Genre: Religion, Philosophy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Release Date: 5/15/2013
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This book is the first in a series essentially arguing about the lack of abject morality of religion and its dangers. It’s broken down so each chapter is a topic on its own covering a variety subjects.

Excerpt #1

From Chapter 3 – Disproving God

It’s God’s lack of action, not his actions that disprove his existence. If prayer really worked there would be groups of theists (nuns, priests, imams, whatever) going from bed to bed in every hospital healing the sick. Of course there are religious people in hospitals going along praying for people but a doctor washing his hand before seeing his patients will do more for their survival rates than the prayers offered by their holy men. The evil God monster of Abraham is an all-powerful God and can do absolutely anything except give any type of viable proof of his existence.
Often times a theist will counter with the old ‘God works in mysterious ways’ or stammer on about how he’s not there for us to boss around and do our bidding in vain attempts to get him to prove himself to us but in reality it’s just a bunch of crap. Studies have shown that when sick people are prayed for by fervent believers they are more likely to be healed. Other, more scientific studies have shown that when you allow religious nutbags to carry out their own studies they tend to be skewed towards their religious beliefs. I’m absolutely confident that a prayer method of healing can never stand up to the simple rigors of repeatability.
It is absolutely amazing the wealth of proof to disprove God you can come up with when turning a keen eye upon the absence of God's presence. The millions of children who starve to death, are beaten to death or who are being raped throughout the world is each and every one a testament to the non-existence of a personal God, especially if those children and/ or their parents believe in one of the Abrahamic death cults. And to counter with the idea that God is calling those children who die such horrible deaths to heaven to be with him because he for whatever reason has suddenly decided heaven needs more children is disgusting and vile. If your God is able to ‘see all’ and watch these children die slow agonizing deaths over months or years due to starvation, malnutrition, rape and outright murder and do nothing or to be able to watch children be repeatedly raped by gangs of men and not smite the men on the spot then your God is either not real or quite malevolent. If you the reader were ever attacked by an adult as a child and an invisible hand didn’t swoop in to protect you then you know exactly what I mean. Many victims have often asked, ‘Where was god when x happened to me?’”

Review of Anti-Theist by Chris Mallard

Anti-Theist is a very interesting book that narrow-minded people would be afraid to read. Mr. Mallard brings up some excellent points, and ones you knew, but didn't realize it was a point that you weren't alone on.

I liked the truth behind the author's words and it really makes you take a second look at our belief system. I have to wonder even further now, is our world really more scientific than spiritual?

Mr. Mallard really opens ones eyes to the truth in the bible and the truth we were brought up to believe in. He doesn't preach his truth, trying to convert a person to Atheism, but enlightens you with the truth.

I thought this was a really well written book, and I loved how he stated the facts, listing the actual bible verse he was talking about, giving you his point of view on it then allowing for you to look it up and find out for yourself.

It's definitely a book that keeps your interest, but one you can't read in just one sitting. Because of the way we were brought up to believe, it's almost like a slap in the face with the actual truth. Sometimes you just have to take time to soak it in, think about things, look things up, and then you can continue.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely keep it as a reference book to have on hand.


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