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"The last warrior - German Hells Angels in Focus "

Lutz Schelhorn:

"The last warrior - German
Hells Angels in Focus "

The title was a great report by Kuno Kruse on the German Hells Angels   borrowed, and the story was published in 2008 in the "star". A title provokes the one hand, on the other hand, the self-understanding of the Hells Angels in many aspects of society  reflects.

"The Last Warrior" is the new project of photographer Lutz Schelhorn. Many myths and rumors revolve around the most famous motorcycle club in the world. Specifically German Hells Angels are currently the focus of the authorities and the media.
Hardly anyone is more able to get a clear picture of these men.

Anyway, Hells Angels polarize. Whether they are called famous or infamous, outsider or Local Heroes, rebels on wheels or criminal rockers, is as dazzling as their reputation their appearance. A close-knit community at the same time emphasizing the individual is actually a paradox, the Hells Angels practice for decades. They are global players of mixed races, religions, nations, and the experience of a life on the edge of the abyss. Established in the midst of the mass society but they are further away from her than many can think.

Lutz Schelhorn went for this work on a long tour in Germany. He uses the analog photographic technique, from small to large format image. Is only exposed to black-and-white negative film. Black and white was chosen to the phenomenon Hells Angels precision and reduced to approach and this motorcycle club, which is often perceived outward only his badge, to give a face.

The idea for this project came in the year 2008. Lutz Schelhorn had in his   already implemented some extraordinary projects short photographic career. What could be more natural than that he takes his membership in the Hells Angels club, his life and his brothers in the focus of the past 30 years. That he would like to reach over his photograph to put a picture of the club cemented in a different light.

Not a journalist, no - with focus and blur, light and shadow.

He deliberately uses existing stereotypes to photographically and dismantled this already on his next photo. The viewer is asked to look between the truths which he takes it, it is left to itself.
2 revised edition 17.02.2012. 192 pages, 288 photographs, of which about 100 portraits, all photos in duotone, printed on fine art paper. Size: 32.6 x 25.0 cm, clothbound,  exte German and English.                     

ISBN 978-3-9812466-4-3

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